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Saturday, May 22, 2010


it suddenly occured to me that its getting harder to keep myself on the track that i drew before, and as long as i remember, i havent been able to draw a new line, a new border, or even a new perspective in my life. most of the times, i almost forgot, not everything that i wishes for is the best for me, as only Allah SWT know what is the best for all of us, Subhanallah... :)

life in high school, in matriculation, and in university is totally a very different thing. i always told myself, i will never change myself, but in the end, as i look back, there are things that changed so much about me. but, Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT still bless me with the tender love and care from the family i have, thank you Ummi and Abah, also Kak Ah, Kak Ja, Abe, Tihah, and Adik.but its not my life i would like to share with you today, its about the changes that you will see as you go through this life, and i think, it thought us to think and decide.

when u set your feet to a place where you never actually been there, and you know that you are on your own there, perhaps these thoughts will be in your mind. i need to setle up with these new people i met, have to get adjusted in this new environment, have to make my own history, and have to adapt to the situation. yes, these are among the questions that fill my heads as enter university, alone, far apart from my siblings and my parents, and i dont have anyone here. but, as we all know, we often forget the fact, there isnt a single times when we are really alone, anywhere you are at anytime anyhow, Allah SWT is always watching you, always Know ans Saw whatever you do.

living in place where there is full of theft doesnt mean that to be accepted in them, you also become one. no it is not right. you are who you are, and you know what is wrong and what is right. you will see lots of different people as you goes through the journey each day in your life. you will the kind that seems nice, but once you get to know them, you wish you hadnt, the kind that look quite and arrogant, and once you become friends with them, you feel happy to be around them. life is NOT A GAMBLE, many said this then would laugh out loud, no, its not, life is a gift from Allah SWT, and neither we realize it or not, as we go through this life, many things has been learned through our pasts experience, and that is what that make you who you are today.

and, even though you have many friends, it doesnt mean that all of them are kind and good, some just love to share the laughter, and some, ready to share the laugh and the tears that you have, but the second case is a very rare case. remember, many youngsters nowadays got influenced be their friends to do bad things, that in the end once they got in trouble, they will find themselves alone, without the friend that thought them to be bad. see? friend will just remain friends, not more than that, especially for those who didnt like to see you becoming just you, and perhaps, they will try to make you change the way you lead your life. they might say that you are leading a very boring life, about wasting life for not venturing here and there, that your clothes that  you wear is not trendy, and the most importantly, not socialising with the people around you. being someone who cares for their attitude and the way of your own life, at first might cause you some pain, but later, though it took times, people will start to see you, for who you really are, dont change yourself to be one of them, to feel accepted in a community, we are friends, but you have your own life, and i do have my own life, as its the best way to live and survive in this whole new environment.

but remember, the more friends that you have, actually gives you more knowledge, and experience, which is the most valuable teacher in life. take up the good example, throw away the bad influence, its just that you have to try to be a good person, as you goes though life, all of us, we learn, we experienced, and we decide and also, remember, we are blessed with the ability to think, what is good, what is wrong. though there are times that you thought, is she doing the right things, though its clearly wrong, as she seems so happy doing that, just remember one thing, when someone smile, its not necessarily they are happy, and when they cry, its not necessarily they are sad. behind every smile lies a secret that we didnt know.