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Monday, August 23, 2010

learning about euthanasia...

Having someone dearest to you fell ill, and later you are informed that the person is going to need medical helps in order to be able to breathe in this world beside you. You are trying hard to help motivating yourself and the person you love from giving up in life and someone came to you, telling you, your dearest one is in great agony, perhaps we should free them from the misery that they are facing. What would you do?

As for me, I am firmly standing onto the belief that as long as I am still breathing the same air with the person, there will be nothing that can make me choose to end the life of the person, though people say that it is hopeless. Life is a gift, a blessing, and we should respect people’s life.  The ability to be able to be someone who could be the one standing when standing is not easy is going to need someone else to lean on to when you need help
Euthanasia, or taking life voluntarily is God acting like, besides, who are we to decide either other people’s life is already enough or not? Try to think as someone with feelings, not speaking as someone with no heart, no one will want to see the person we love in agony, yes. But, what is being done while the person is still around is what means so much.

Disagreement is all I have to say about euthanasia, as it is so unfair for the family, and the victim itself. No. let the person spend the remaining time he or she still have by letting them be with the family or friends is something that could help the patient so much in developing  their spirit when they sometimes got down.
So no, say no to unplugging the life support for the person you love, and start enjoying the life we are still blessed to have him or her, still besides us, just not that in the way they used to be before, but it is a way that we can show them our real love for them. Say no… to euthanasia.