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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

.Thrashes in my external?!!!

Smile and Smile and Smile, let the world shine with each of your steps... In Shaa Allah, things will be better for you :)

Well, a story to share with you in this early hours....

I was up finishing up some of my works, and suddenly, i have the urge to check and transfer some of my photos taken when i was in Terengganu, attending one of my bff's Engagement event. I was so excited to transfer the photos to my external drive.

Bismillah, i connected the external to my PC....And suddenly, all the excitement is gone, and I almost freak out at this early hours in the morning...wanna know why?

Well... this is why ........

And i cant even access the folder with the shortcuts displayed... It will give me error to access the folder.

And of course, my first thought is that "Please ooh please! I dont want to format everything!!"

So, with the help of my best friend (in fact i think its the best friend for most of us), i Google for solution, and came to this particularly helpful blog : (well..u guys can check out the solution from this link as well : http://ezelovesse7en.blogspot.com/2012/01/tips-unhide-hidden-files-caused-by.html#axzz30xYXw5aw)

I will share with you guys on the tips that have helped to solve my problem with the .Thrashes thingy,
hopefully it worked for you guys too, as it have helped mine. This could be one of the disadvantage of having your external drive infected by unwanted virus...
  1. Scan your external drive for any viruses
  2. Go to Start >> cmd 
  3. Type in the drive initial read by your PC, in my case, its F: 
  4. Type :  attrib -s -h /s /d *.* , followed by ENTER 
  5. Now, you can check for your folders in your external drive
I am relieved to be able to retrieve my files back in my external...Alhamdulillah...

Hopes this can help you guys too, if you are having the same problem as mine.

And lastly, be sure to do regular health check on your PC and your external drive guys!!